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Baltimore 10 miler recap

June 20, 2010

When you run a race you expect to have a fantasy recap where you felt strong throughout the entire run and bounded through the finish line with the Rocky themesong playing in the background as you pose for the race photographer looking like it was a piece of cake.

Not exactly the recap you’re about to get here.

I’ve honestly been dreading this race. After the Cherry Blossom 10 miler I was on cloud 9, and then it was kind of like I didn’t want to really run anymore.  I had lost a lot of motivation to keep up my running and honestly didn’t do much of it to prepare for the Baltimore 10.  The longest training run was 3.75 miles, and that was only once. I wasn’t prepared for this whatsoever.

I was running the Baltimore 10 with 3 of my friends. 3 of us decided to run the entire thing together and to finish hand in hand.  About 3 steps past the start line I got a side cramp. This lovely thing decided to stay with me until the very end.  It was all I could focus on and it wouldn’t go away.  There were lots of rolling hills throughout the course and although I was happy that some of it was shaded, it was a hot summer day out and it took its toll on me.

I was so incredibly thirsty throughout and stopped at each water station and would grab 2 cups. 1 to drink and the other to dump on my head to help cool me off. I was doing alright until about mile 7, I started inching further and further away from my friends. My legs were started to feel like lead and it was hard for me to push through. By the time I hit mile 8 it was uphill till the end. The last 2 miles going uphill was what really killed me.  Tracey and Meg were trucking up those hills and I just couldn’t.  I had to take a few walk breaks and try to gather enough energy to keep going. At this point I really didn’t know if I would be able to finish running.

Walking up to the last water station I saw Meg and Trace waiting for me with cups in hand. I told them to keep on going and finish it strong but they wanted to finish together. We had less than a mile left and I felt like I was about to start crying.  I was so happy they waited for me, I wanted this race to be DONE, and I couldn’t believe I was going to finish the 10 miles. Right before the finish line I spotted Caitlin and Kat cheering me on which gave me the extra push I needed to get through to the end.

The face of death

Once I saw Cait & Kat 🙂

The three of us grabbed onto each other and finished the race together, just like we said we would.


It wasn’t a pretty race, but it had a successful ending. I know it’s so easy to compare yourself to other runners, or even your past running performances. But we really all need to realize that it’s all about the journey. Sometimes we don’t have great runs, sometimes they’re downright awful, sometimes we feel like we’re running on air. Even though I did better in my last 10 miler, it is still shocking to me that i’m actually able to run 10 miles. I struggled, and found something deep inside to keep me going just a little further. I have friends that are focused on finishing together as a team and inspire me to do better. I have people in my life who are there at the finish line with open arms and are ready for a celebratory hug. I have my blog friends and readers who are there for endless words of encouragement.

happy to be DONE

thank you for all your support! XOXO

“Each of us has much more hidden inside us than we have had a chance to explore. Unless we create an environment that enables us to discover the limits of our potential, we will never know what we have inside of us.”
Muhammad Yunus



My perfect morning

May 13, 2010

My perfect cup of morning coffee has the following :


I went to the local farmer’s market this past Mother’s day with my mom and it was amazing. So many types of local foods, multiple food vendors, crafts, and plants. What caught my eye was the local creamery stand. South Mountain Creamy had everything you could imagine. I went for the half and half. I always try to venture out to different options in my coffee but nothing makes the perfect cup quite like it.

The ingredients were simple : Grade A Pasteurized Milk, Cream.

You pay a $1.50 reusable bottle fee, and then bring back your bottle each week for fill ups of $4.

This half and half is the best i’ve ever had. It literally makes my regular cup of joe feel like a decadent latte. I’ve finally found my perfect ingredient list for the best cup of morning coffee. Nothing crazy, just simple and amazing.

What can top it off even better?

A cranberry and pistachio biscotti from a local bakery. Now that’s a great morning.


What are the ingredients to your perfect morning?

The Happiness Project

May 10, 2010

The Happiness Project_0.preview.jpg

I bought this book a few months ago, well maybe more than a few months ago. I’m starting to build a collections of books that I buy to read, yet are left untouched after the first chapter. I haven’t been engaged so I put it aside and start another. I’ve heard good things about The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben and it’s been sitting on my nightstand for a while now just collecting dust.

I started to dig into it today. I love the concept of this and have been trying to use it in my own life. Gretchen Rubin wrote about a year she tried to make herself happier. She was already happy, had a wonderful family, an amazing job but felt as though she wasn’t living up to her full life potential. She would worry about the little things too much, complain too often, not know how to sit back and enjoy what her life had become. She decided to devote a year to being happier. Each month she would tackle a new resolution.

I have a happy life, amazing family and friends, a solid job, nothing to complain about….

I tend to lose sight of that sometimes. I get worked up over small insignificant things, put off cleaning and organizing, overreact about silly issues. Everyone does it and it all just seems to be normal. Reading the first few chapters of this book has given me a fresh perspective. Do small tasks that accumulate and aid your happiness, be kind to others and compassionate. It’s these little things that add up and warm your heart.

We tend to forget how lucky we are and this book helps you realize the things you should be grateful for and how to live your life to the fullest. I’m no where near being done but I just wanted to share with you my thoughts so far.

It’s made me want to sit back and breathe. Lately I’ve been spreading myself too thin. I’ve got a million things going on all at once. The superwoman syndrome where you think you can accomplish anything no matter how much you have on your plate. I realized I need to cut back on some commitments and rethink my priorities. Make time for me, my family, my friends, and savor it.

Think about it for a few seconds : If you were to make your own happiness project, what would be the first thing you would focus on?

Hey Mama

May 9, 2010

You’ve been there for me through the good and the bad, always supporting me no matter what decisions i’ve made. I could never ask for anyone better, Allison and I are truly some of the luckiest.

Happy Mother’s day Mom xoxo



Family Matters

May 6, 2010

I was looking through an old thumb drive and found a folder of photos. My grandfather passed a few years ago around this time and my uncle put together a slideshow. Thinking of the first time I watched it during the funeral breaks my heart. The tears couldn’t stop running down my face, I just missed him so much. Seeing my mom so upset was one of the most difficult things i’ve had to deal with. Your parents are always so strong so when they are vulnerable and sad you want to be able to do any and everything you can to make things better.

Now when I look through these photos I’m happy, even though I still get that lump in the middle of my throat. It reminds me of all the amazing times we’ve had together, the little things that make our family unique, how close we are and always will be.


My grandparents on their wedding day


My grandfather, grandmother, aunt, and mom. My mom’s the little one 🙂


My beautiful grandparents


My cousin Jessie on the left, me, my grandfather, and my cousin Jonathan


Me and my grandfather


I love you Lou Yea, and I’ll forever miss you ❤

Pburgh Time

May 3, 2010

That’s right, two Baltimore girls made their way over to Steeler Country this weekend. 

Jordan and I headed on over to Pittsburgh to watch Caitlin and Abby run in the Pittsburgh half and full Marathon.  Luckily miss Jess lives there too so we got to have a little blogger weekend in the burgh. 

As Jordan and I were on the road she had the realization that we were about to pass Volt. Yes, the Brian Voltaggio restaurant in Frederick. One of the Maryland Voltaggio brothers from Top Chef.

The restaurant was in a beautiful building in downtown Frederick. Jordan and I were speedwalking as fast as we could to the entrance and proceeded to take a seat at the bar. It was hot and humid outside so I knew exactly what I would be starting with. A mojito. Made fresh to order it was the perfect refreshment I needed. 

We couldn’t stop looking around the restaurant and noticed a large flat screen tv above us with live footage of the chefs in action.  We caught a glimpse of our man and our hearts fluttered.

We went for the small plates menu and my eyes immediately narrowed in on the goat cheese ravioli with celeriac, mushrooms and a brown butter sage sauce. Of course there was a foam on top. True Voltaggio style. Jordan went with the Tuna Tartare. Foam included. 

Once we were fed we got back on the road and drove until we reached Pittsburgh. Caitlin had a pasta dinner set up with Jess and Abby on the way.  Jordan and I made ourselves a cocktail and posed with our matching outfits. 

Jess brought over some baked goods that I had been begging for since the day we knew we were visiting. How can you read her blog and not? Shameless, I asked her to bring anything delicious that she had baked. She brought peanut butter frosted chocolate chip blondies. Heaven in my mouth. So rich and decadent, these were amazing.

Bright and early the next morning we woke up to pouring rain 😦 we headed over to the street next to Caitlins and waited ready to do some screaming and cheering.  Once we saw her at mile 4 we went back to the house and headed on over to the finish line.  We sort of wandered for a while and tried to find her as she was finishing. It was a mess. Police had found a pipe bomb on the race course so they ended up closing the course and re-routing the runners.  It was raining the entire time.  We finally found Caitlin and hugged her like crazy. If you can finish a half marathon with those crazy conditions, you can do anything! We made her pose with our sign as we asked someone to snap a pic for us. 


So glad we could be there for support! So proud of you! 


Splendor in the Sky

May 1, 2010

I’m helping Sky Blue Events with their marketing and redesigned their company blog. I’ll be blogging there Mon-Fri, so please come check it out! Lots of fun posts on all things wedding, style, and so much more.

This past Thursday Sky Blue planned the event Splendor in the Sky. It was a Sumaris Jewelry trunk show that went along with a 5 glass wine tasting from Wine Express and was held at Silo Point. Silo Point is a beautiful building that overlooks the entire city. You get to experience the Baltimore skyline at it’s finest and nothing compares.


There was lots of wine, jewelry, and girl time. A great Thursday night out in the city.

IMG_5848.jpg IMG_5852.jpg


IMG_5854.JPG  IMG_5867.jpg



IMG_5915.jpg IMG_5916.jpg