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foodbuzz numero tres

November 11, 2009

After our humungo meal at Greenleaf we ventured back to Hotel Vitale and got a table with the girls. I was just so incredibly stuffed though that I didn’t get a thing. Water was the only thing I consumed, and my belt on my dress had to be taken off haha. Indulgent night. Β What cracked me up was that on the ceiling of the bar were paintings of men in bed. hahaha.

Picture 070

Mr. Sexy

In the morning I woke up and got to packing. It was crazy how much swag we got. Both the bag from Foodbuzz and Danica had to be packed up. How amazing is all of this stuff? SO generous!

Picture 071

Foodbuzz Swag

Picture 072

Sweet Danica swag

We arrived at our Nature’s Pride brunch which was our last Foodbuzz event. This was a delicious meal that brought our weekend as a group some closure. It was sad how quickly it flew by, but it was great to have one last meal together.

Picture 074

We all had our minds set on going to the Cliffhouse. We had been told the night before that this was a sight to see. A restaurant on the edge of the pacific ocean that had the most beautiful views. We decided to walk over. Allison and Quinn headed on over first. Jasmine, Janetha and I decided to do a little shopping first then meet up with them. On the way over we found the City’s farmers market. Everything was so fresh and beautiful. I wanted to buy all of the produce. There were a TON of squash, and it made me think of Miss Heather πŸ™‚

Picture 085

Picture 077

Picture 078

Picture 079

Picture 081

Picture 083

Picture 084

At this point Jasmine had to go back to the hotel to get to the airport to catch her flight. Janetha and I figured we’d keep on walking until we saw a bus to help take us there. While we were in the Puma store, the sales lady told us definitely not to walk there. Β We ended up walking for about 2 hours, up and down the San Francisco hills and seeing the most gorgeous houses. We ended up in a beautiful park and took one last picture before we called the walk quits and decided to call a cab. The Cliffhouse didn’t seem as close as we had hoped.

Picture 086

Picture 088

Picture 089

When we finally got a cab, we told the driver where we were headed and that we had already walked 2 hours to get there. He laughed at us and told us we were still so far away. After a $20 cab ride, we finally arrived.

Picture 090

It was even more beautiful than I expected.

Picture 091

Picture 092

Picture 093Picture 094

Picture 095

Picture 096

Picture 097

Picture 098

It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip πŸ™‚ These girls were amazing.

Since my flight was messed up in the beginning they agreed to let me stay longer in San Fran and let me take the red eye home Sunday night. I got there early since everyone else’s flight left before mine and took a snooze as soon as I took a seat. When I woke up, I saw Meghann’s smiling face across from me πŸ™‚ She was on the same flight and I was so happy to have her there with me! She is such a dollfaceeee. Β It was a first red eye experience for the both of us.

Picture 100

Picture 101

I am so incredibly happy that I took the chance to have this experience. When I first got the e-mail about it, I thought it sounded amazing, but didn’t think I had the guts to travel by myself, to a place i’d never been (never been to the west coast at all) with people I hadn’t met in person yet. I couldn’t be happier with my gut instinct to go and live my life to the fullest. Now I have so many new friends, and so many more passions that I want to pursue. Leaving San Francisco after meeting so many determined and uplifting women left me with a new inspiration. I want to make myself a better runner, a better yogi, and continue to strive for new goals and to reach them.

I will never forget my time in San Francisco ❀

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  1. November 11, 2009 2:25 pm

    Wow!! Check out all of that stuff you got! That is unreal. Your pics are gorgeous, girl!

  2. November 11, 2009 2:28 pm

    What a beautiful setting for a restaurant! Love the picture. πŸ™‚

  3. November 11, 2009 2:29 pm

    Love this post! Beautiful pictures- the Cliff House is just gorgeous!

    I’m glad that you had such an amazing time… I’m totally jealous of the farmers markets in CA!

  4. missbeachyb permalink
    November 11, 2009 2:30 pm

    ahhh your trip looks amazing!!! glad you’ve had an awesome time. I’ve never traveled alone either – but I think it’d be fun to πŸ™‚

  5. November 11, 2009 3:45 pm

    I miss your pretty little face!

    LOL – i cracked up when i saw that pic of use by the cliff house – we don’t look bad but all i could think of was how damn tired i was! πŸ™‚

  6. November 11, 2009 3:59 pm

    I wanna go baaaack!!! WAAAAIL!! It was awesome. SF is my dream city!

    Meghann is so pretty in person. She seemed really sweet, even though I didn’t get to talk to her much.

    You’ll be going to the next one, yes? I’ll HAVE to look for you then! >.<

  7. November 11, 2009 4:18 pm

    Great swag! Those houses always make me smile — they remind me of Full House!

  8. November 11, 2009 4:36 pm

    Yay for Red Eye buddies!! πŸ™‚

    I love what you said in your last paragraph. When I got the e-mail I thought it sounded amazing but all the logistics were keeping me from saying yes right away, now I am so glad to have had the experience and would trade it for a second πŸ™‚

  9. November 11, 2009 4:49 pm

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Those pictures of the coast are killing me — I need a vacation!!!

  10. November 11, 2009 4:59 pm

    looked like an amazing trip! being from the bay area it is so nice to have so many bloggers post about how amazing our city is, love it!

  11. November 11, 2009 5:06 pm

    OHHHHH that walk! haha. such a debacle! but we still had fun πŸ™‚

  12. November 11, 2009 5:10 pm

    Gorgeous views!! Glad you had a blast with the bloggers!

    PS. Did you see Uncle Jesse?! πŸ˜‰

  13. November 11, 2009 6:12 pm

    I love your San Fran pics. It takes me back to my honeymoon (we honeymooned in Frisco). I’ve really loved seeing everyone’s pics. Looks like a great time.

  14. November 11, 2009 6:26 pm

    That’s so great that you stepped out of your comfort zone to go and ended up having such a great time.

  15. November 11, 2009 7:14 pm

    amazing pics! looks like you are having a lot of fun! i love that book, notes on cooking. my boyfriend checked it out from the library and reads it to me before we go to sleep πŸ™‚

  16. November 11, 2009 9:22 pm

    Wow! What an amazing trip Ashley. Amazing photographs, food and what a trip to Cliff house! So glad you shared that with us- what a great view! I am inspired by you to live my life to its fullest and hopefully I will get to go next year or to the next big conference.

    I’m so sorry that Chase will not be there when you get home- I know what being scared of living on your own is like- seriously. Eden is, for sure, going back with him to ny? fyi- my brother in law is a montgomery co. police officer ( his station is bethesda)- I know its not super close to baltimore but if I can do anything to help- let me know.

    I heart uuuuuuuuuuuu ❀

  17. November 11, 2009 9:58 pm

    At first I thought the photo of you and Janetha had the Full House house in the background. haha

    The Cliffhouse looks amazing. I’m glad you all finally made it there πŸ™‚

  18. November 11, 2009 10:48 pm

    So much swag, so little suitcase space!

  19. November 11, 2009 10:54 pm

    Oh my word! I am so jealous that I didn’t get to stay for this. Your pics are amazing and the view… there just aren’t words!
    ~ Camile

  20. November 11, 2009 11:32 pm

    that seriously looks like the most incredible trip ever! your posts always make me hungry! you eat the best food! haha. i love those pictures though, that place looks incredible. i also love how those guy pictures were on the ceiling! too funny! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today. seriously, i wasn’t expecting anything from anyone, but it make me feel really good to know that some people at least enjoy my blog and had my back! you are awesome! oh and beautiful! wanna switch lives?

  21. BroccoliHut permalink
    November 11, 2009 11:54 pm

    WOW, awesome farmers’ market! Looks like you had quite an adventure:)

  22. November 12, 2009 8:35 am

    Oh my gosh, seriously, I would bought another suitcase and filled with with squash! Glad you had such a wonderful time. Those pictures from the Cliff House are beautiful, and I hear such sweet things about all the girls you met. Makes me hope I make it out there next year!

    Thanks for the squash shout-out. Hehe – never thought I’d write a sentence like that.

  23. November 12, 2009 10:46 am

    Wow, fabulous post.. the pictures are amazing. Seems like San Fran was a total success! πŸ™‚

  24. November 12, 2009 1:25 pm

    Ha, had to laugh at the ceiling pic! I haven’t seen that flavor of Annie’s dressing before – its sounds delicious!! Gotta love free loot!

  25. November 12, 2009 1:48 pm

    WOW! It sounds like you had a blast in SF! I love all the pics you took, especially the ones of the ocean. So beautiful! Your eats didn’t look so bad, either. I’m so glad you had the chance to meet all the bloggers. I did that at the Healthy Living Summit and it is awesome! Food bloggers are the best!

  26. November 12, 2009 2:00 pm

    Haha love that picture of the guy. Gahhh all the food and scenery looks amazing. I’ve only been to San Francisco once and am dying to go back!

  27. November 12, 2009 2:49 pm

    The pictures you take are so incredibly beautiful! Do you use natural light?

  28. savoringsarah permalink
    November 12, 2009 3:42 pm

    GAHH GORGEOUS pics!!! And obvs I TOTALLY love the hot sexy man pics on the ceiling. GENIUS!

  29. November 12, 2009 3:44 pm

    amazing swag, girl!!! and the scenery is fantastic! love the pic of you and janetha infront of the houses…reminds me of fullhouse!! πŸ™‚

  30. November 12, 2009 3:44 pm

    Wow! Love those pics! You must be super bummed having to come back to the crappy weather we are having 😦 BLAH!

  31. Emily permalink
    November 12, 2009 9:55 pm

    Great recap. I felt very motivated by this experience as well!

  32. November 14, 2009 12:11 am

    Yeah I am so glad you liked your swag and were able to pack it all up…..I am so jealous of the market you all went to – it looks AMAZING! I wish I could’ve stayed to play πŸ™‚

  33. November 15, 2009 1:01 pm

    All your posts from food buzz make it look amazing. I wish I could have gone!

  34. November 15, 2009 10:19 pm

    Those views from the Cliffhouse are amazing. And red eye flights are horrible – I’ve only take one once, and never again will I do so. Brutal!

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