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May 29, 2009

hello babydolls! hope you guys have had a great week so far! i’ve been keeping myself pretty busy. I’ve been body pumping and loving it!! Last night’s class was HARD but loved every second. and now i’m getting hooked on this techno music they play πŸ™‚

I had my first time trying to make chicken tenders and they turned out pretty good! The other night I marinated 2 tenders in almond milk mixed with franks red hot and some sriracha sauce. Then I rolled them in some panko bread crumbs. Panko is whats used in tempura dishes and has a crisp texture that I personally like better than regular breadcrumbs. I just put them in the oven at 400 for about 12 mins. To go along with the tenders I made some butternut squash fries with a squash thatd been sitting in my pantry forever just waiting to be used. Turned out to be a pretty good meal, a good amoutn of spice to the tenders and added some salt and pep and it was perfect.

chix tenders

The other night I went home to Columbia for the night and went out to dinner with my mom. We love going to this local restaurant called Hickory Ridge Grill thats right by our house. It’s got some amazing greek food as well as regular american fare. I tend to get the chicken souvlaki platter but have decided to try something new every time i go. No matter what I get its always amazing. I decided on the Full Mozzy. I was in the mood for a summer sandwich and this embraced it fully. Fresh mozzerella, sundried tomatoes, spinach and pesto on ciabatta. heavennnnnnnnnn. I subbed the fries for some mediterranian green beans which were spicy!!! i am usually all over anything spicy but this was even spicy for me. I ate half the sandwich and half the green beans and brought the rest home for my sister. My mom got “the pestos” which was chicken and pasta in a pesto sauce. She threw a little on my plate for me to try. O.M.G. It was out of this world good. My friend Brooke works there and always says how amazing their pasta dishes are. Next time, PASTA! haha.


Yesterday for lunch I had some sauteed asparagus with hummus and laughing cow in a grilled wrap. I have been loving some asparagus lately and want to buy another bushel. It’s so easy and tastes so fresh. To go with my wrap I made a green smoothieeee! I bought a big bag of spinach and went to town! I added in a scoop of amazing grass which made it extra greeen ! it had a frozen banana in it and almond milk with spinach and that was it! I’m gonna try and have one of these more often. I miss them.



Tonight my friend Britt is visitng from New York. We’re going to do a little shopping and then go out to dinner tonight at a new restaurant by my work called Talara. Its saying is Raw with a Twist. It’s a new style sushi, tapas style and serves lots of different types of seviche. I had to google what that was beacuse I had no idea! Here’s the definition from epicurious.

“An appetizer popular in Latin America consisting of raw fish marinated in citrus (usually lime) juice. The action of the acid in the lime juice “cooks” the fish, thereby firming the flesh and turning it opaque. Onions, tomatoes and green peppers are often added to the marinade. Only very fresh fish should be used for this dish.”

The neat thing about this place is you can choose the type of fish you want in it, and theres so many options! They are just opening this week and I can’t wait to try! Another thing they’re big on is MOJITOS! Mojitos are my all time favorite drink. They have 8 different types. Strawberry Mimosa, Classic, Pomegranate, Mango, Peppermint Pattie, Key Lime, Banana, and Passionfruit. Phew. I like trying different flavors, but I always find that the classic is my all time fav. Might have to venture out though. We’ll see. I can’t wait to try this place out! Here’s some pics from the website!





another kind of seviche

another kind of seviche

This Sunday I’m planning on going to Britts family’s house on the Eastern Shore and am planning on going on the boat and trying wakeboarding again! Ah i absolutely can’t wait. Hope you guys have an awesome day! Happy FRIDAY!


Hershey says hi!


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  1. May 29, 2009 8:03 am

    That sandwich sounds delish. Those are all my fav ingredients and I just bought some fresh pesto!! May have to whip one of those up. Love mojitos, best summery drink eva!

  2. May 29, 2009 8:19 am

    sounds like a great week! I miss going to classes at the gym. Your body pump lovin is making me want to go this afternoon!

    Mojitos are my FAVE drink! I can’t wait to hear about them! have fun wakeboarding!!!

    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  3. May 29, 2009 8:41 am

    Holy cow – soo many kinds of mojito’s – they all sound great, I’d have such a hard time deciding! Haha! Your chicken tenders look great. Sounds like a good and simple recipe. Definitely a lot healther than nasty fried one’s right?!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend! Happy Friday!


    p.s. Hershey is so adorable!

  4. May 29, 2009 8:44 am

    I love gym techno πŸ˜€ Let me know how the ceviche is! I’m totally scared of it for some reason, even though I eat sushi and sashimi no problem?? Have fun girl!

  5. May 29, 2009 8:47 am

    If I could put pesto on everything I eat, I totally would…it’s my favorite!

    Good luck with the wakeboarding–you are way tougher (and braver) than I am πŸ˜‰

  6. May 29, 2009 8:55 am

    That seviche looks UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

    hi hershey! i’d give ya a big kiss if i could! πŸ™‚

  7. May 29, 2009 9:00 am

    Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!

  8. May 29, 2009 10:07 am

    m’mmm chicken tenders.. brings me back to my days as a child where i literally would not order ANYTHING but chicken tenders or the occasional grilled cheese if i was feeling extra adventurous ;)!

    enjoy your weekend with your girlfriend! lots of fun stuff plannnnnned ❀

    much love!

  9. May 29, 2009 10:24 am

    Have an awesome weekend. Hershey is ADORABLE!

  10. May 29, 2009 10:55 am

    Sounds like a great weekend!!! Have fun!

  11. May 29, 2009 11:26 am

    wow those sevich looks amazing and delicious!

  12. sarahdbelle permalink
    May 29, 2009 11:34 am

    Are you going to be close to Chestertown by any chance?


  13. May 29, 2009 11:40 am

    ooh i love ceviche…and mojitos!! πŸ™‚ have a fun night and weekend!

  14. May 29, 2009 11:52 am

    Those green beans sound amazing not to mention they look delicious!! Mojitos = perfect summer drink!

    Aw, Hershey!! What an adorable puppy!

  15. May 29, 2009 1:33 pm

    Those green beans sound amazing not to mention they look delicious!! Mojitos = perfect summer drink!

    Aw, Hershey!! What an adorable puppy!
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  16. May 29, 2009 3:49 pm

    Ahh go crazy with the mojitos! I say try every flavor haha. Have fun tonighttt

  17. May 29, 2009 5:34 pm

    ahh wakeboarding is probably my favorite thing in the world πŸ™‚ have fun!!!

  18. May 29, 2009 5:45 pm

    everything you just described from that dinner out sounds amazing!!!! that sandwich just looks heavenly. happy weekend! hope you have a great time with your friend. cant wait to see the fun mojitos, get some good pics!

  19. May 29, 2009 7:07 pm

    I’ve heard about cooking raw fish in citrus before. So cool!

  20. Megan permalink
    May 29, 2009 9:19 pm

    Mmmm Talara looks sooo good! And Hershey is SOO cute.. I want a doggie! Have a fantastic weekend.. you deserve it!

  21. May 29, 2009 9:38 pm

    Good ceviche is amazing πŸ˜€ I highly recommend halibut if they have it, it’s awesome! But really, as long as the fish is fresh, it will be good. Hope you have fun!

  22. Caroline permalink
    May 29, 2009 11:35 pm

    Yum! I’m glad I’m not the only one who puts asparagus in her wraps!

  23. homegirlcaneat permalink
    May 30, 2009 12:34 am

    Those dishes look insane!! So fresh and gorgey..along with that mojito suga! Love me some mojitos..and all the different ones sound so fun!

    Hope your weekend is superb my darling!

  24. May 30, 2009 12:57 am

    Your chicken tenders look great! I tried them once but they didnt work out so well. I should try them again!

  25. May 30, 2009 1:13 am

    oooooh ceviche is my FAVORITE mexican restaurant dish…on par with guacamole!! Those look SO SO SO GOOD…presentation is key these days huh??!?!

    GAWD I shoulda ordered a mojito rather than the gross lychee bomb i ordered at the thai restaurant i went to. mmmm you’re mkaing me thiiirsty. OK I”M ready for more ASH MIA-ness as it is the weekend. Have an AWESOME ONE sweetie!!

  26. May 30, 2009 11:24 am

    Have fun here on the shore! I’ll actually be in Bel Air and then Baltimore most of this weekend so we swapped! Enjoy it!! (and if you can stop by the Outlets and drop in at Book Cellar–we just got a bunch of new stuff in!) πŸ™‚

  27. May 30, 2009 12:35 pm

    That ceviche looks awesome! I have had it before, but normally since in something like a martini glass. But I’m thinking I like the cube presentation better.

  28. Kate permalink
    June 1, 2009 12:24 pm

    How long has it been since I’ve checked in!?!?! TISK TISK! I’ve missed blogging & seeing what you’re up to. I gotta catch up on yours a lot today b/c I know you had a big move am I not correct???

    You’d be proud-I went to yoga again this morning for the second time EVER (to the 1st experience I told you a/b). It was like 10 x better! I dunno, I went alone this time instead of w/ a friend-I think I could just focus better w/o the pressure. It was still pretty difficult for me near the end, but man after I walked outside I felt like my tension had melted away. I can’t wait to go again next week.

  29. June 1, 2009 1:02 pm

    Mmmm I love mojitos! If you’re in OC again, try getting one from Fager’s!

  30. June 1, 2009 1:38 pm

    Everything in this post looks delicious! I love ceviche, and the ones in this post are especially beautiful! I’ll bet they tasted amazing too. I’m also loving the sandwich and spicy green beans. What fun eats!!

  31. June 4, 2009 11:35 am

    I’m glad you found my blog, and i’m equally happy I found your’s! That wrap looks delicious I plan on trying it out soon!

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