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ab shake

March 18, 2009

woo hoo! hump day is here! allll RIGHT! πŸ™‚

Hope yesterday went well for everyone, I had a pretty good day.Β  During lunch I walked over to the gym to cancel my membership… I was nervous they would try to not let me, and try to talk me out of it. None of the sorts. They let me fill out the papers, and I have until the end of April to work out there. They said if I change my mind before then, just to let them know and they’ll rip up the cancelation papers. Ah so relieved! So I have about a month and a half left of my membership. Thats a weight lifted off my shoulders, phew. After that I mosied on down to the sports store and picked up Core Fusion Pilates plus! Review to follow… πŸ™‚

For lunch I had some lo mein that my mom had made the night before. this was SO good! filled with so many veggies, just the way i like it! and some shrimp and a tiny bit of pork in there too.Β  For my snack I had a perfect fruit salad. I sliced up some strawberries, a kiwi, and there are some blackberries hidden on the bottom too.



I ended up having to work a little later than usual, so I missed my bikram class 😦 BUT have no fear, I busted out the new dvd! I have taken pilates classes at my gym before, and also have a lot of the winsor pilates dvds that i bought back in high school. Let me tell you right now that this core fusion pilates plus dvd was not your traditional pilates session (at least the ones that i have taken). In case you were expecting that, thats not what you’re going to get. It is definitely inspired by pilates though and has the one hundred! always a killer.


Thoughts? Welp, once again, core fusion burned my bod! wow, its just crazy to me how much your muscles can really burn with body resistance. The dvd is set up the same exact way as the other. five 10 minute sessions, each of which by the end of, i was ready to move on and get to the stretch! There were certain postures that I just could not do. One was sitting leaned back against a wall with your legs brought up to in front of your face. I’m just not that flexible yet and my core is not that strong.Β  Eventually, but not yet. You should have seen the position on the dvd compared to what I was doing haha. There is a section called pure core. This was an amazing core workout. My core is something I really need to work on. It’s not as strong as i’d like it to be. Combining these two dvds will REALLY help. My abs were shakin like a salt shaker πŸ˜‰Β  Overall, i loved this dvd as well. They both really let me know that i am not as in shape as I thuoght, and I really can improve in lots of places, and this will really get me there I think.Β  As far as these videos vs the shred…. It completely depends on what you are in the mood for. Shredding is an AMAZING workout that gets your entire body done in 20 minutes. You sweat, and you feel the burn. You also have Jillians in your face attitude right there to help you get through it. These Core Fusion dvds are a total of 50 minutes long, however you can play them seperately or if you want do them all together depending on how much time you have. The feel of the video is much more calm, in a yoga/pilates setting. The 2 instructors do all the moves, and there is a voiceover telling you how to do them. I don’t think there is any way they’d be able to talk while working out. This burns every single part of your body in a completely different way than I was used to and I loved it.Β  The best section of the body sculpt was definitely the glutes and abs, and the best section of the pilates plus would be the pure core. If any of you try them out, let me know what you think of them!

Dinner was a little medi platter πŸ™‚ I had some homemade taziki sauce, hummus, feta, few pita chips, artichokes, roasted pepper, and some roasted eggplant. After dinner I had a no pudge brownie with a smidge of mighty maple! It was so good I forgot to take a pic until I was mid way through.



So we couldn’t get my box spring up the stairway in the new house. My mom made it her personal project to cut this baby in half. She googled it, and had been working so hard to get this done. Last night, I took the final step of the whole thing and broke out the hand saw and cut the wood. Once its taken apart fully and you cut the wood you can bend it in half and HOPEFULLY fit it up the stairs! we’ll see if it works later today!

Did anyone watch the biggest loser last night? Talk about inspiration throwing itself at you through the tv. They had a challenge to run a half marathon. EVERYONE did it except 1 person. I almost criedΒ watching them πŸ™‚ Ah I REALLY want to run one by the end of the year! REALLY REALLY bad now. If they can do it, I can do it too! Lets hope I can stay on course with Β my race schedule that I’ve planned out, and at the end of the year complete a halfie. πŸ™‚ Ah I can’t even imagine how AMAZING that would feel crossing that finish line!Β  Seeing people succeed and seeing how happy and accomplished they feel really inspires me. What inspires you to reach for higher goals?

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  1. March 18, 2009 8:53 am

    Thanks love!

    I love your dinner from last night-yum! I totally found last nights episode inspiring, I mean , I really felt like “wow, if they can do it , why don’t I run one this weekend” . Yea, this weekend. i don’t even know if there will be one offered this weekend but that’s literally what I thought as I watched it.

  2. March 18, 2009 9:13 am

    That mediterranean platter looks wonderful!

    I don’t watch the BL, but I might need to hunt down that episode β€” how amazing that they accomplished a half!! I’ve only dreamed of doing that. I’m inspired by bloggers β€” real everyday working people who accomplish great things.

  3. March 18, 2009 9:18 am

    I love tzaziki! It is especially good with grilled chicken in the summertime! I watch the Biggest Loser sometimes and every time I do I feel like I need to go to the gym afterward! lol.. My grandma inspires me with the healthy lifestyle that she has led every day of her life.

  4. March 18, 2009 9:28 am

    I need to get back into pilates. I used to do it with my room mate all the time in college and it was tough! I loved it though. Glad everything went well with canceling the membership. That kind of thing is always so nerve racking. I dunno why!

  5. March 18, 2009 9:51 am

    Thanks for the information on the videos!! I like Pilates a lot more than Yoga so I might buy this!! I have only done it twice so it might be a little rough for me too in the beginning!! Love your brownie dessert!!

  6. March 18, 2009 9:56 am

    I’m glad it’s hump day, too!!

    We had to cut our box spring to get it in our current house… good luck!!! : )

  7. March 18, 2009 10:03 am

    Oh my gosh…every time you post I find myself going “ME TOO” all the way through my reading! haha πŸ™‚ I was JUST thinking yesterday that I’d like to do a half by Thanksgiving (around the time I first started running)! I think it’d be awesome to do one Thanksgiving morning.

    I also just caught up on your moving situation and it sounds amazing! You’ll have to share some pics girly!

  8. March 18, 2009 10:10 am

    Dinner looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the video tips as well…and I think you can TOTALLY do a Half Marathon! Happy Wednesday!

  9. March 18, 2009 10:13 am

    mmm, that lo mein looks yummy!

  10. March 18, 2009 10:46 am


  11. March 18, 2009 10:49 am

    Lunch, dinner… EVERYTHING LOOKS GREAT!

  12. March 18, 2009 10:54 am

    I feel the SAME way hah I was ready to run one last night after they were finished!

  13. March 18, 2009 11:10 am

    Ahh, the lo mein looks so great!

    The Core Fusion DVD also sounds like a great workout. I also notice while doing yoga or alternative exercise (versus running or ellipticizing) that I am not as strong or in shape as I think I am!

    Go for the half! It’s a great feeling when you cross that finish line, for sure!

    I think I’m most inspired by other people who work to make a difference in the lives of others…or just have a great philosophy about how life should be lived. πŸ™‚

  14. March 18, 2009 11:35 am

    Glad you liked the tea! And I too want to run a half this summer… we will have to motivate each other!

  15. March 18, 2009 11:53 am

    ooooo I dvr’ed Biggest loser and now I CANT WAIT to watch it!!!

    YOU CAN DO A HALF MARATHON. period. end of sentence. You will do it and you will kick butt. πŸ™‚

    Your eats look awesome, as usual.

    have a good hump day!

    Kaneil, balanceisbest

  16. March 18, 2009 12:03 pm

    i cant wait to see biggest loser!! i have it taped and am so ready to watch it, love that show πŸ™‚

  17. March 18, 2009 12:09 pm

    Oh yeah, my abs totally look like that. Hehe πŸ˜‰
    I’m glad you got the gym thing over with without trouble! That must be a huge relief!

  18. March 18, 2009 12:22 pm

    I’ve always wanted to do pilates! I’m so jealous of those six-pack! haha! It’ll scare away all bullies for sure!
    I like your lo-mein: heavy on the veggies and mushrooms!

  19. March 18, 2009 12:26 pm

    sounds like a great video!!!

  20. March 18, 2009 12:49 pm

    I so agree about the BL stuff. I feel like I should really step up my game and train for a half marathon. Did you already sign up for one?

    Pilates is great too! I’ve done some classes at my gym and its amazing the muscles that get worked! I love it, I should really make it part of my weekly schedule instead of just once in a while.

  21. snackface permalink
    March 18, 2009 1:01 pm

    Mmm medi plate! That is my kind of dinner! Aren’t the no pudges so yummy? I love em.

    Thanks for the review of the videos! I’m thinking about maybe getting one, as I’ve been doing the same workout for years. But who knows πŸ˜‰ BIG creature of habit here.

    Hope humpday is lovely!

  22. March 18, 2009 1:08 pm

    All your eats look great, I especially love the platter with the roasted eggplant so good! I think I might have to try one of those videos my abs are not strong whatsover!

  23. March 18, 2009 2:12 pm

    oh man, all your eats look SO good! i love dvds that are divided into segments like that because when i’m not in the mood to exercise i just start off by promising myself i’ll do one or two segments but then i always end up getting into it and wanting to finish the whole thing.

  24. March 18, 2009 2:35 pm

    HI THERE! Thanks so much for the love on my new site. I was so nervous that days would go by with no comments at all! It’s reassuring to know SOMEONE enjoys my content. I just poked around your blog and think it’s great! Your photos of food are so delicious πŸ˜‰

  25. sarahdbelle permalink
    March 18, 2009 2:58 pm

    The lo mein and the medi platter look so good. And thanks for the dvd review. I think I’m going to netflix them ; )
    Good luck with the move!

  26. March 18, 2009 3:45 pm

    What an awesome dinner!

  27. March 18, 2009 4:07 pm

    it is the most amazing feeling to know you have accomplished something that once felt wayyyy too hard.

    thanks for the DVD review, I am always looking for things to help my abs

  28. Sweet and Fit permalink
    March 18, 2009 4:26 pm

    I didnt make it to the meetup either =( some things came up and then i got ur email that u werent going…soooo, yeah – but we WILL get together sometime soon! that lo mein looks so good, you sure are gonna miss our mom’s cooking!

  29. March 18, 2009 5:01 pm

    I adore that Medi platter!! YUM πŸ™‚ Mediterranean cuisine is my favorite! I’m glad that the gym let you cancel so easily. I hate when companies try to talk you out of what you want – aggravates me!

  30. March 18, 2009 5:13 pm

    Thanks for the review!!

  31. Meg permalink
    March 18, 2009 6:26 pm

    I want to run a half marthon this year so badly too!!!

    Looking back and seeing how far I’ve come motivates me to go farther!

  32. March 18, 2009 8:34 pm

    Your lo mein looks great! I hope your box spring adventure worked out!! Thats scary to cut a piece of furniture in half!

    You can totally do the half marathon! I think its an awesome goal!

  33. March 18, 2009 9:00 pm

    thanks for such great reviews on the DVDs! im definitely going to have to check out core fusion, i’m trying to tone up there too!

    such yummy eats, you never fail to impress me =)

  34. March 18, 2009 9:29 pm

    You mom’s lo mein looks amazing πŸ™‚

  35. March 19, 2009 10:46 am

    I agree, that Biggest Loser episode was soo inspiring!! I am so proud of all of them πŸ™‚ If you have a goal to run a race this year, go for it! I used to think it would be *impossible* but if you train properly you will work up to it an be fine! πŸ™‚

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